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Since day one, the goal of Emergency Plumbing & Solar has been total customer satisfaction. We believe in a happy community, and as such, we’re doing our part to ensure homeowners like yourself are satisfied with their plumbing systems. Plumbing is often a forgotten amenity. We naturally expect the pipes to function. We expect hot water to flow freely from a faucet. That’s not always the case, though. Sometimes, hidden behind the walls and flooring, something goes wrong, and only a professional can help. That’s where we come in.

For years, we’ve helped homeowners and commercial clients with their plumbing problems. Our work has always been high-quality and long-lasting. As you can see from our customer testimonials, our customers are satisfied with the work we’ve performed. Our experienced plumbers, all of whom have more than five years of experience, have a thorough understanding of the inner workings of a home’s plumbing system. When you call with an issue, we’ll survey the entire system, locating the problem immediately, and providing a solution. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll work to ensure we rectify the situation.

Once our work is done, we appreciate any more time you give to our business by leaving a review of your very own. It helps us provide service to other members of the community. Your reviews also help us improve our plumbing service. It’s wonderful to know what you liked about Emergency Plumbing & Solar and what areas we could improve upon!

“EPS is BBB a+ accredited – to be qualified as one is not easy. They proved it 100 percent while installing my solar water heater. I have an old temperature differential thermostat and not coordinating with recirculating pump. Their technician never leave until problem fixed. I surely recommend who needs plumbing rescue. My kudos goes to EPS and crews; from ever polite receiving desk to technicians and helpers. They wholeheartedly do their best to help their customers to be happy and satisfied – I surely am.” – Lenny

“EPS responded in no time for a bad leak in our celling under the bathroom, we were just a couple days away from leaving for a vacation too. Time was tight but they made it happen, and the technician they sent was beyond professional. I’ve had some bad times with other plumbers in the area, but EPS really pulled through. I was worried about having to postpone the trip and the high bills we might be facing if the leak continued. Everything worked out in the end though thanks to EPS! Wish I could give a higher rating.” – Terry

“The plumber who came out from EPS to fix our broken water furnace was super personable, diligent, communicated clearly, and bent over backward to get our issue fixed. That kind of leak can cause all sorts of damage and when you’re renting that could have been a nightmare. Couldn’t have asked for a better plumber.” – Melinda

“Great team at EPS. They show up on time, quote you honest prices that are always reasonable, and go out of their way to make sure you understand what the issue is and what they will do to fix it. They never leave you in the dark while you worry about how much the bill is, like some other people I’ve worked with. I highly recommend these guys.” – Briana

“I was remodeling my bathroom and a few unexpected surprises came up, but it was no sweat for our plumber from EPS. He managed to reroute the piping to get the fixtures exactly where we wanted them, and the place looks amazing. Such a good job, and he was very polite and respectful of our home. Great experience.” – Ken

“I called EPS for a nasty clog and they showed up within the hour. They were very friendly and quickly found the source of the problem. They also gave us some tips on how to avoid future clogs! They go the extra mile and you can tell they take pride in what they do. As a business owner I can really appreciate that kind of professionalism. I know who I’m calling from now on.” – Kawehi

“I usually don’t bother with these reviews but these guys really earned a perfect score. EPS knows what customer service is all about, from start to finish. Fixed a broken pipe in my master bath and left the place sparkling clean. I’ve had some bad experiences in the past with other plumbers so this was a breath of fresh air.” – Jay

“EPS plumbing is the best plumber you’re gonna find. My friend recommended them to me and I can see why. They set up a solar water heater system for us and it’s really neat! They really know their stuff and have the latest technology when it comes to saving money and heating efficiency. Just really pleased all around.” – Robert

“EPS is my new favorite plumbing company. They did a fantastic job with my kitchen remodel, their plumbers are very friendly and work cleanly and quickly. Prices were also very reasonable, I have no reason to use anyone else. You can count on this team for quality work.” – Katrina

“The technician from EPS did a fantastic job installing our new faucets. The bathrooms in our new house are beautiful and all the plumbing work was done in no time. I’ll always count on EPS from now on and I’d recommend them to anybody. Top notch.” – Alessandra

“These guys really know their stuff. We had a leak under our sink I didn’t notice until late on a weekend. EPS sent somebody over right away to take care of it. He was really polite and found the source of the leak in no time. We were able to get the water all cleaned up and probably avoided some major water damage. Thank you.” – Matthew


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