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Commercial Plumbers In Honolulu, Oahu & Pearl City HiFor a business, plumbing problems can be devastating. Depending on the scope of the issue, you may need to close for the day. That’s just bad for business! Potential customers notice you’re shuttered during the weekday, and they think of the worst-case scenarios. Something as simple as a leak could seriously impact your customer base. At Emergency Plumbing & Solar, your business is our business. We will work with you directly to provide efficient results on time.

Great plumbing experience!!!

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“What a great plumbing experience! My service tech Frank S. Was so nice, explained everything in advance & the upfront pricing with options was great! I’m so glad I held on to their biz card! Best plumber service! Thank you for my drain fix, kitchen pipe install & hooking up my new gas stove!!”
- Lisa Ferrell

Commercial Plumbing System

A commercial plumbing system is no different than a residential plumbing system. The very same pipes, faucets, and joints ensure clean water enters the premises and wastewater leaves. As a result, the same issues can crop up. You may notice leaks, drips, or a lack of water pressure. Our experts can solve all of these plumbing issues.

Unfortunately, most commercial plumbing systems are not as clean as residential systems. Few business owners have the time or patience to maintain the facilities. As a result, the wear and tear on commercial plumbing systems is typically harsher. This often leads to further breakdowns and leaks. You’ll want to schedule service regularly to avoid such conditions.

Commercial Plumbing Repair & Installation

The first step to an efficient plumbing system is professional installation. By allowing Emergency Plumbing & Solar the opportunity to install new pipes or fixtures, you give your plumbing system an extended and efficient lifespan.

If anything does go wrong, we also provide fast repairs. Our plumbing technicians have experience with most systems and issues, including leaks, water pressure, clogs, and worse. Whether it’s an emergency or an annoyance, you can always give us a call.

Pipe Replacement & Relining Services

Your home’s plumbing and piping seems like a permanent system, but your pipes don’t last forever. Pipe replacement & relining services are a necessary part of home maintenance. It doesn’t help that the plumbing system is meant to be hidden within your home, so most homeowners don’t know much about it. Home plumbing has two categories: input and output. The output portion is your sewer lines, which take waste and used water out of your home. The input portion is your water lines, which carry clean water to every faucet and appliance in your home. If your water line pipes need to be replaced, you may not know until a major problem surfaces. Signs like leaks and a drop in water pressure could indicate a problem with the water line. Call EPS Hawaii servicing Honolulu, Kapolei & the entire Oahu Island for a knowledgeable professional to assess your pipe replacement and relining needs.

Top Quality Service

You strive to provide the best service for your customers, so does the team at Emergency Plumbing & Solar. Each one of our plumbing professionals are journey plumbers with 5+ years of experience, and are trained to use the latest techniques and technology in the industry. Whether you require fixture installation, are experiencing a drain backup, or have a persistent clog, you can depend on us to deliver the quality you expect and deserve.  

Affordable Prices

Running a business brings new challenges every day – unfortunately, many of them can be financial. At Emergency Plumbing & Solar, we understand the importance of keeping our services affordable for everyone. That’s why we offer upfront pricing, so you know how much to budget for a job. You can also expect our work to be done quickly and done right the first time, so you don’t lose any business due to plumbing problems. We want every business on Oahu Island to be successful and reasonable pricing is one way we try to help you!

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To schedule commercial plumbing service, contact Emergency Plumbing & Solar by calling (808) 691-9309 Oahu, (808) 400-8811 Hawaii Island. We’re standing by to help your business succeed!


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