Affordable Plumbing Leak Repair & Detection in Honolulu, Kapolei & Entire Oahu Island, HI

Leak Repair & Detection in Honolulu, Kapolei & Entire Oahu Island, HIA leak from a pipe may not seem significant. However, a single leak can waste a startling amount of water. Research has proven that homeowners lose nearly 2,000 to 20,000 gallons of water each year due to leaks. That’s why it’s important to act quickly if you suspect a leak in your plumbing system. Call Emergency Plumbing & Solar for prompt, professional service that makes a difference!

Ways to Detect

How do you know if your pipes have leaks? First, turn off the water to your home. If you hear the sound of dripping water, chances are there is a leak somewhere. Another surefire way to check for a leak is to watch your monthly utility bills. A significant spike means you’re wasting water somewhere.

Lastly, check for water damage. A leaking pipe will leave wet spots on the ceiling and walls.

Avoid Leaks

When it comes to avoiding leaks, your two most valuable tools are still your eyes and ears. Pay attention to your surroundings, as you’re likely to notice plumbing problems. You can also take the following steps:

  • Check your washing machine hoses every five years
  • Listen for running water in the bathroom on a regular basis
  • Inspect the cabinets under your kitchen and bathroom sinks for water damage
  • Periodically check the icemaker in your fridge

Common Signs

You can’t always protect your home from leaks. Sometimes your plumbing system just wears out! If you notice any of the following signs, get in touch with a technician from Emergency Plumbing & Solar:

  • Wet spots on walls and ceilings, especially in the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry rooms
  • Mold growth
  • Higher-than-average water bills
  • Damp basement floor
  • Nonstop running toilet or ghost flushing

Contact Us

Once you notice a leak in your home, contact Emergency Plumbing & Solar for prompt service. You can reach an experienced technician by calling 808-691-9309. We’re awaiting your call today, so don’t hesitate!