EMERGENCY PLUMBING & SOLAR is Serving Honolulu & Surrounding Areas

At EPS our Emergency licensed and insured plumbers are always ready and on call to come to your aid in any plumbing emergency.

We pride ourselves on serving our entire island 365 days a year 24/7



Hopefully, you’ll never need our services…but if you do, you can count on us to handle your plumbing problems with professional care!

Our plumbing company is always here for our community and its people

Emergency Plumbing & Solar


“Excellent service and job well done. Installed a solar water heater last week Monday. Hot water has been a blessing since we were without for couple of days. They are on time & early on appointments. As I write, my kitchen faucet is being replaced great job I’ll use them again. Aloha…Anne”

Anne K., Yelp Review

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