The Sour Reality of Orangeburg Sewer Pipes

Did you ever have an idea that seemed good at the time but it ended up backfiring later on? Sure, we all have. In fact, it has even happened in the plumbing industry. We can look back at some plumbing methods from decades ago that…

Why Water Heater Making Noise and Solutions

What sound is your water heater making? If it’s making any odd sounds like something popping or banging, there may be an internal issue that requires attention. The type of noise your water heater is making can help us diagnose the problem. My water heater…

Tips for Installing a Shower Drain Assembly

Renovating a bathroom can be exciting as well as fulfilling if you’re tackling the job DIY-style. After you cross off the bigger decisions such as tile style, paint colors, and fixtures, you’ll need to finalize smaller details – such as the shower drain. In this…

Most Common Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems are some of the most time-sensitive and costly problems you can have in your home, and they can happen at any time. But being able to diagnose a plumbing problem in its early stages can save you a lot of trouble and money….

Clay Sewer Pipes and the Problems They Present

In the modern world, not many people connect plumbing to clay and terra cotta, probably because they do not have the strengths of more common metallic or plastic pipes. But clay sewer pipes have an interesting history and are worth knowing about. The History of…

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