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December 25 2020

Tips for Installing a Shower Drain Assembly

Renovating a bathroom can be exciting as well as fulfilling if you’re tackling the job DIY-style. After you cross off the bigger decisions such as tile style, paint colors, and…

6 Ways To Save Money on You Water Bills
July 19 2020

6 Ways To Save Money on You Water Bills

Who doesn’t like so save money? Keeping household costs down and sticking to a budget are always been important – but it’s especially true these days with so much uncertainty…

Pro Tips: 9 Essential Plumbing Tools
April 13 2020

Pro Tips: 9 Essential Plumbing Tools

Taking care of home plumbing issues takes knowledge, patience, and problem-solving skills. Of course, it also requires the right tools for the job! Here are nine essential plumbing tools that…

Toilet Handle
December 30 2018

How to Fix “Jiggle the Handle”

I hope most of us can still remember going to our grandparents home around the holidays. It was often outdated, but was also decorated with comfortable furniture and hopefully smelled…