Why Is There No Water in My Toilet Tank

When we go to the bathroom, we expect there to be water in the bowl, and for that to happen there must be water in the tank. Stay calm if the water level is low or empty. Here are three things to check for:

Why Is There No Water in My Toilet Tank

Float Ball Tanks

If your tank has a float ball, then the ideal pre-flush state of the tank would be having just enough water for the ball to be floating so that the arm it’s attached to will be horizontal. If that is just not happening, you might want to readjust the arm or replace the ball, since that is what determines how much water is let in before the flapper closes.

Fill Cup Tanks

If the mechanism in your tank has a float tank with a fill cup, then you may need to adjust the fill rod that is attached to it. Tightening the screw by turning it clockwise will increase the water level in the tank after the next flush. This works by adjusting the float cup, which is what controls the flapper thanks to the connection through the refill tube.

The Trip Assembly

The trip assembly, which includes all the parts connecting the handle to the flapper, may have slipped up. Check to see if the flapper chain and flush lever are still connected and nothing is loose or broken.

If none of the above seem to be working, stay calm! Help is just a phone call away. The experts at EPS Hawaii can respond to all of your plumbing needs on Oahu (808-691-9309) or on the Big Island (808-400-8811); call any time!


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