Tips to Prevent Water and Mold Damage From Burst Pipes

Unfortunately, burst pipes are an all too common occurrence. They’re a real nightmare for most homeowners, so do your best to avoid them by maintaining your pipes. However, should one of your pipes burst due to rust or another issue, you’ll probably see quite a bit of water damage. Here’s how you can begin recovering from the incident and how you can prevent further gross damage from occurring.

Start Circulating Air Through the Affected Area

Bacteria and dangerous mold spores can start grow within hours of the incident, so you need to make the location as inhospitable for them as possible. Open all of the windows and doors to try to keep the area relatively dry. Plus, this will also help with any nasty odors that start to form. Then, grab a dehumidifier and get it running. Bacteria and mold love moist areas, so the sooner you get the area dry, the less likely it is that things will start to grow in your home.

Quickly Call in Professionals to Assess the Water Damage

If your rugs, carpet, walls, ceiling, and other areas appear to have sustained water damage, you need to act fast. A burst pipe is considered a plumbing emergency, and the sooner you call in professionals to help start the repairs, the better chance you have of minimizing any catastrophic effects from the burst pipe. Don’t waste any time as soon as you locate the burst pipe; immediately grab the phone and call for backup.

Document the Extent of the Water Damage

To save yourself time and energy later on, take photos of the area around the burst pipe. This will help you provide evidence of the accident to your insurance company and speed up the process of settling the claim.

Experiencing the worrisome aftermath of a burst pipe somewhere on the island of Oahu? Contact Emergency Plumbing & Solar Hawaii. Their trained plumbing technicians will respond to the emergency rapidly and help you prevent further damage from taking place. To speak to a representative or learn more about the company, visit or call (808) 691-9309 Oahu, (808) 400-8811 Hawaii Island.


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