Planning A Commercial Restroom Space

Commercial Restroom Space Planning

If you’re an employer, building owner, or office manager looking for commercial plumbing service in Honolulu, there are a number expectations and standards you must meet to keep your employees or tenants happy, and your health and safety standards up to snuff. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for major commercial plumbing renovation or installation for your office.

How many people will use the space?

If you’re planning for the installation of a high-traffic, commercial bathroom in your facility, do some research on how many people will be working in or occupying your facility at any given time. If you plan on your employee population or facility capacity to growing, it’s critical to factor that growth into the design of your bathroom.

There are a number of local, state, and federal regulations that dictate how many toilets you need in any bathroom based on the number of occupants in your building. Your commercial plumbing experts will have in-depth knowledge of these regulations, and help you design a bathroom that fits your level of traffic and your particular health and safety codes

How heavily will this space be used?

In some bathroom spaces, like in a small office building with a handful of employees, standard issue commercial toilets, sinks, and plumbing might do the trick. But if your bathroom facility experiences a high volume of traffic like in an airport or supermarket, you might need to invest a little more money into your plumbing fixtures for a more durable and usable space.

Maintenance is another component to take into account when designing your commercial bathroom space. If your bathroom sees a lot of foot traffic, you’ll need flooring materials that can withstand that traffic, and are easy to clean after heavy use. Paper towels and other paper waste can litter your restroom facility and hit you with recurring expenses, so considering automatic hand driers for your space you save you the hassle of cleaning up paper towel waste, and create a more seamless and sustainable space.

What should I do while the plumbing renovation is in progress?

If you’re renovating an office bathroom space, you’ll need a contingency plan for where your employees will use the restroom, or you’ll need to close up shop until your space is ready to go. Talk to your plumber for an estimate on how much time it will take to renovate your space, and plan around that time frame.

What do I want this space to look like?

Despite their utilitarian nature, commercial bathrooms (especially for customer-facing businesses like restaurants and hotels) are a direct reflection of the businesses they provide service for. After all, nobody wants to slip away to the restroom in a three-star Michelin restaurant, only to enter a not-so-luxurious, stark, and dirty facility. Your bathroom space says just as much about your business as your customer service or your products, so invest money in a bathroom atmosphere that is on par with the identity and quality of your business.

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