Necessity of Sewer Line Inspection and Its Procedures

As homeowners, we’re all familiar with routine inspections and maintenance on various systems within the household. Routine maintenance for a plumbing system is especially crucial. And one residential system, the sewage line, must definitely be carefully inspected and maintained by a professional. You may know that the sewer line can be the costliest of home repair jobs. Well, that’s partially true. And you cannot rely on municipal services – the city won’t cover the expense. Sewer line inspection could save both your home and wallet.

Sewer Line Risks

The most significant risk to your sewer line is tree roots. Over time, trees and shrubbery may grow around sewer pipes or through the pipe walls, causing damage, rust, breakage or significant leaks. In doing this, the roots cause serious debris backup, sending sewage into your home or bursting the pipe outright.

These scenarios are problematic. The moment you notice the telltale signs of a tree root intrusion or sewer line backup, you’ll want to schedule a sewer line inspection. Using innovative technology, a professional plumber can locate the blockage or leak – and begin planning a solution.

Camera Inspections

The latest advancement in sewer line inspection comes in the form of camera inspections. A sewer line camera inspection is non-destructive. A camera inspection will gauge the overall health and strength of your pipes – without risking any further damage. Once a plumber locates the problem area, a proper plan for effective repairs may be formulated.

Cost-Effective Services

In the long-run, sewer line inspections actually save you money. Sure, you’ll have an up-front cost, but the long-term savings and frustration avoidance you’ll enjoy are definitely worthwhile. Just compare the cost of an inspection to a burst pipe repair, for instance. Catch the problem early, and you’ll be all set!

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