Loud Pipes? Follow These 3 Steps to Remove Air From Water Lines

Loud pipes can startle homeowners in more ways than one: the sound alone is enough to make you jump, not to mention the fear that there are more severe plumbing issues causing the noise. But fear not! Most times, loud pipes are simply a result of having air in your water lines.

remove air from water pipe

If your loud pipes are becoming problematic, removing air trapped in the lines often solves the problem. This is accomplished by shutting off the water supply, opening every faucet in the home, then turning the main water supply back on for a few minutes.

Let’s take a look at each step in more detail.

  1. Turn off the main water supply valve to your house. You should always be aware of where your main water supply valve is located in the event of a water leak. The valve is typically located on the street-side perimeter of the house. Once you find the valve, turn it to the off position.
  2. Once the main water supply valve is off, open every faucet in the home. This includes tub and sink faucets. The faucets should be turned on but not opened all the way. Turning the faucets halfway on should be enough to let air escape. Be sure to also flush any water out of your toilets.
  3. Turn the main water supply back on. With the faucets still set in the open position, turn the water supply back on at the main valve. Let the water run for approximately 10-15 minutes, or until you don’t hear any more air sputters. Once you are confident the air has been pushed through the water lines, return the faucets to the off position.

Other possible causes of loud pipes

If you attempt the above steps and are still experiencing low water pressure or noisy pipes, there might be a bigger plumbing problem at play. Corrosion, aging pipes, and more can all lead to loud pipes and have the potential to cause major damage in the event of a leak.

Hiring a plumber to fix noisy pipes

To ensure you are getting to the root of the issue, call the pros at Emergency Plumbing & Solar. We can troubleshoot and perform any necessary plumbing repairs so you can have the peace of mind that the loud noises coming from your pipes don’t cause a big headache down the road. To schedule an appointment in Oahu or Maui, call (808) 691-9309.


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