How to Fix “Jiggle the Handle”

Jiggle the HandleI hope most of us can still remember going to our grandparents home around the holidays. It was often outdated, but was also decorated with comfortable furniture and hopefully smelled like good old home cooking!

It was also probably understood to “jiggle the handle” when you flush the toilet in case the water kept running. While that might have been a quaint tradition in their home, it is definitely not one you want to be a norm in your house.

If “jiggle the handle” is not something you want to be remembered by your relatives for, here’s a couple tips.

1. Remove the lid on the back of the toilet.
2. Flush the toilet and watch the show we’ve come to rely on so many times a day. Is the flapper able to close the opening securely? Is the chain or the ball getting in its way?
3. Jiggle the handle and see what those magic 3 words are actually accomplishing. That should give you a clue if it just needs a minor adjustment or something replaced.
4. If a new part is in your future and you are feeling handy, take a trip to your local home improvement store and pick up your replacement.
5. If this is not something you feel comfortable with, we can help! We can diagnose your toilet problem and have you flushing confidently in no time.

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