How Much Money Are You Really Losing with a Running Toilet

As homeowners, we expect our toilets to operate without a hitch. But the truth is, that rarely happens. Something is likely to go wrong. Whether due to a clog, a leak, or someone shoving foreign objects down the toilet, a running toilet causes problems. We’re talking about wasted money, energy, and water each month.

The Cost of a Running Toilet

If you have a severe leak, your toilet is wasting large amounts of water each day. Replacing the entire toilet is a financially sound and environmentally-friendly solution. Potentially, a running toilet wastes thousands of gallons of water per month. These gallons can translate to around $200 in unnecessary costs to your monthly water bill. That’s nearly $2,000 per year being flushed down the drain.

Now, that cost is certainly for an extreme toilet leak. For a minor leak, the water bill won’t be as drastically high. However, it will be higher than your household average! A moderate leak wastes about 6,000 gallons of water per month, costing an additional $70 per month. For the year, this leak translates to $1,000 in waste.

Toilet Water Leaks

As the water from your toilet leaks, so will your savings. According to the EPA, through careful estimates and research, “a toilet alone accounts for 27 percent” of water consumption per day in modern households. And that percentage is for a toilet that’s working properly.

A leaking toilet leads to thousands of gallons of lost water per month. The reason for this can vary, from damaged seals to gaps in the flush valve. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to schedule prompt repairs or professional replacement ASAP to save money and water!

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