Detecting Sewage Issues

While none of us want to think about sewage, the reality is that most homeowners will deal with a sewage issue on their property or in their home at least once over the course of ownership. In our previous blog we mentioned some simple tips to help prevent damages to sewage and drain pipes on your property. But even the best preventative measures fail eventually. If you fear there may already be a problem with your drainage system, here are a few key identifiers to help mark the signs.

  • Sewage backups, blockages, and odors. While this may seem obvious, the onset of this issue may not appear dramatically. If you notice slow drains throughout the household, toilets blocking frequently, or even a slight sewage odor anywhere in the home, then it is probably best to contact an emergency plumber right away.
  • Runaway growth patches in the lawn. Like it or not, sewage makes great fertilizer. Before you smell it, one subtle sign can be patches of rapidly growing grass or weeds in the lawn. This can manifest in very green grass that grows faster than surrounding areas or patches of weeds rapidly growing through rocks.
  • Sunken patches on the property. If you notice large dips or sinking spots on the property line, especially in a line, this can be a great indicator of sewage leaking beneath. The liquid below can loosen patches of soil below ground and create sinking spots visible from the surface.
  • Septic waste on the property. Again, this may be obvious. If you ever see or smell septic waste on your property it is best to contact an emergency plumber right away. Septic waste can reflect poorly upon your home and neighborhood, and the fumes make areas unsafe for people to enjoy. Also, waste seeping up from the ground is a nearly certain indicator of a large displacement in the pipes below.
  • Rodents or insects in the home. While this is less than pleasant, many rodents or insects can find their way into the home through cracks or holes in sewage drain pipes. This can be a sign of a break or crack on your property or in the city’s main supply. If you notice any critters coming up through drain pipes, contact a plumber right away.



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