Sewage Disaster Prevention

Nobody really wants to think about sewage, and most of us never do until it invades our space. Considering your sewage prior to this point can save your household a considerable amount of stress and money if an issue with this system can be avoided. Most households are connected to a city or municipality water supply with a four to six inch pipe that runs underground from their home to the main drainage line. Homeowners are liable for installing and maintaining this connection, which is tricky to do since it is sort of “out of sight, out of mind.” Below you will find a few ways to prevent sewage and drain line disasters.

  • If you are building your home, then consider running sewer lines away from any obstacles. Tree roots are one of the most likely things to disrupt or damage underground pipes. Consider where existing and future tree roots may be, and avoid them if at all possible. Additionally, avoid placing these drain pipes under any future driveway or patio spots, as repairing the pipe may mean destroying these concrete elements.
  • When buying a home consider viewing the pipes with a camera. Many experts recommend seeking out a professional to view your pipes from the inside. If the professional finds a problem, then the service will definitely pay off in price negotiations or in choosing a different home.
  • Contact your homeowner’s insurance to check on your coverage. Of course this will not prevent problems with the drainage, but it can prevent you from paying out of pocket for an expensive repair or replacement.
  • Be vigilant with what goes down your drain. Never flush q-tips, diapers, or any “heavy” paper products. Many products that seem acceptable, or are even labelled as safe to flush or drain can actually create major problems with your sewage system.

These preventative measures are simple to execute, yet effective. By pushing your household members to keep these plumbing issues top of mind, especially watching what they flush, you could dodge a huge bullet. Repairing or replacing these systems can be very expensive, and can leave you with a torn up lawn.

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