3 Signs Your Water Line is Damaged

Just like how the human body needs water, a building needs reliable water and plumbing. The water line is your property’s connection to your water supply. It’s not easy to check a water line for bursts or other issues, but it’s still crucial to be able to ensure a water line’s functionality.

3 Signs Your Water Line is Damaged

What To Look For

If you witness any of the following red flags, you should consider getting a professional to check your line:

The ProblemThe Potential Cause
Standing water in your yard This could indicate a leak is gushing water on the outside of your home.
Unusual sounds in your pipesAny knocking or whining or whistling noises may mean that some fitting has come loose or that the water line is damaged and allowing air into your plumbing.
Unexplained drops in water pressureEither a new appliance is drawing more water flow or there are water heater issues and/or water line leaks which frequently lead to wonky water pressure.

While it’s more likely these issues appear in older pipes, they can indicate issues in even new pipes. This is especially true if they were installed improperly or if they have been subject to earthquake damage.
When it comes to actually inspecting or fixing your water line, having a reliable plumber is a must. That’s why you should call us at (808) 691-9309 Oahu, (808) 400-8811 Hawaii Island.


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