Toilet Talk V: Buying The Right Toilet

It’s a sad day in your household—the day that you must say goodbye to a trusted companion you’ve known for years. You two have spent a lot of time together and had many memorable experiences—you’ve been through the good, the bad, and the ugly. It was an intimate and productive relationship you’ll never forget. In sickness and in health, your friend was there for you, helping you with both business and personal affairs, taking your problems and washing them away, and offering you a safe and loving place to rest your butt.

It’s time to lay your toilet to rest.

But with loss comes a new beginning—a chance to meet a new toilet. In this blog, the Honolulu plumbers at Emergency Plumbing will give you a few tips for finding a special new toilet in life. A great toilet can save you money, make your bathroom luxurious, and flush with fervent force.

Find a low-flow model.

Low-flow toilets have been around since the early ‘90s—but unfortunately, they developed a poor reputation because they just couldn’t get the job done. However, today’s low-flow toilets practically have the horsepower of a Chevy Camaro—they’ll handle your business with ease at a measly 1.6 gallons per flush. That’s a stat that would make the guys at Top Gear blush. You’ll save hundreds of gallons of water per year—that’s good for the environment and your wallet.

Don’t penny-pinch.

How many times a day do you use your toilet? Wait, don’t answer that question. Toilets get a lot of use throughout their lifetimes, and they might be the most important part of a home in terms of hygiene and public health—so why would you penny-pinch on a porcelain throne? Spending an extra $100 or $200 can go a long way in the toilet world—it can provide you with improved flushing power and fewer toilet repair headaches. Buy the deluxe model with all the bells and whistles, and that investment will pay for itself one flush at a time.   

Do your research.

You wouldn’t buy a car without learning about its safety ratings and performance stats, would you? The best consumer is an informed consumer—so do your toilet research before you make a purchase. Yes, there are many guides out there that compare and contrast the attributes of toilets in varying price ranges, so get out on the internet and find the right loo for you.

Check out bathroom showrooms.

Standard hardware and home supply stores only carry a select number of mass-market toilets—so if you’re looking for a wider selection of top-performing toilets, you need to head to more toilet-centric stores. Check out your local bathroom showroom for a better toilet selection—you can get some great deals on closeout toilets, and find specialty toilets that could better meet the needs of the people who live in your home (for example, many toilet manufacturers offer “comfort height” toilets for older folks with limited mobility).

Have your new toilet professionally installed.

Installing a new toilet isn’t as easy as it seems—if you skip any steps or make any mistakes, you could cause damage your new toilet and your home. That’s where Emergency Plumbing & Solar can help. We’re happy to help you install your new toilet and make sure your plumbing system is ready for the new loo in your life. Schedule an appointment with Emergency Plumbing & Solar today!


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