Things To Clarify With Your Plumber

Any contractor that you allow into your home should have to be able to answer any and all key questions that you may have. There are some major questions that you should ask any  plumbing company of Honolulu before hiring them to complete your plumbing needs.

Ask To See The License And Insurance

You only ever want to do business with a plumber who is licensed. Ask for a copy of the plumbers license or ask to see the license before hiring any local plumber. There are many plumbers that operate without a license, so this is a very important thing to look into before hand. Why does the plumber need to be licensed to do good work? Having a plumbing license shows that the plumber is aware of the rules and regulations of plumbing systems and that all of the work that he or she does should  be up to code standards. You also want to confirm that the company and all of it’s employees are insured incase they are injured on the job, or damage your property during the process of the repair.

Is There A Guarantee?

If you are working with a reputable company, the work should be accompanied by some sort of guarantee on the work that has been completed. Some companies offer a one year guarantee on any work that they complete for you, while others offer no kind of guarantee. Ask what the guarantee is for the specific company that you are thinking of hiring.


You should ask for the total cost in full upfront, so that their are no financial surprises. Many companies will offer a free quote before you choose their plumbing company. Be wary of those who are willing to give you a quote over the phone, without even looking at the problem at hand. Once you are quoted a price, be sure to inquire if that cost includes all materials and labor including if there are unforeseen issues. You will also want to clarify if you will be being charged a flat rate or an hourly rate plus materials needed. You want to know exactly what you will be paying when the work is all said and done, and sign a contract that states the final cost of the job before allowing the plumbing company of Honolulu to get started on any drain cleaning or other plumbing services.

Confirm When Payment Is Due

Once you have confirmed how much the services will cost, you will need to determine when the payment for the provided services are due. You never want to pay for services upfront. If a plumber asks for the total cost upfront, that should be a red flag. Get back out there and find another plumbing company! You want to make sure that the terms seem fair and reasonable.


If you are looking for a local plumber in Honolulu to provide exceptional plumbing services, contact ESP today! We are your local licensed, insured, and no hassle cost 24 hour plumbing company!



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