The Sad Reality Of Sewer & Drain Lines

Most homes throughout the country are required to be attached to the city or municipality sewage for people to legally live there. The unfortunate reality is that, in most cases, homeowners are responsible for installing, maintaining, and even replacing sewer and drain lines up to the edge of their property line. For many homeowners this can represent many feet of 4 to 6 inch wide piping buried below their property line. These pipes will very likely need to be serviced and replaced over the life of the home, and the expenses for this can rack up very quickly.

When a sewer line suffers damage, blockages, or bursts it can be an incredibly stressful and costly to repair. Oftentimes a sewage line that is not draining properly will manifest in sewage backing up in your household. This can create a disgusting mess that will quickly devalue your home’s interior. Additionally, raw sewage creates an inhabitable space, with dangerous fumes accompanying the expected smell.

The next unfortunate reality regarding sewer lines is that many homeowners insurance policies do not cover drain-based damages. Some policies include coverage for the damage and displacement caused by sewage backing up into the home, but very few cover the drainage pipe itself. We advise speaking to your homeowner’s insurance representative about your coverage, and be specific when asking what you could be liable for.

Sewer problems can quickly escalate from a minor odor from drains to a full-blown catastrophe for your household very quickly. Whether you are concerned about an escalating issue, or faced with a worst-case scenario, our experts can help with all sewer line replacement and repair.

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