Why Won’t My Drain Snake Go Down Bathtub Drain

After you go to the trouble of getting a drain snake for a clogged bathtub, you want it to work. Sometimes it doesn’t, and there could be a handful of reasons why. Some are more likely than others and they all require different solutions. If you need help, call our experienced plumbers at EPS Hawaii; if you’re on Oahu, call (808) 691-9309, or on the Big Island, call (808) 400-8811.

Why Won’t My Drain Snake Go Down Bathtub Drain

Top 4 Reasons Why

Here are four, ranked from most to least likely:

  1. Wrong-sized drain snake: generally, a small drum auger that’s 15 to 25 ft. long will fit in a drain and clear small clogs, but the dimensions of the pipe and your auger sometimes don’t match
  2. Dysfunctional drain snake: drain snakes usually last beyond their first use, but definitely don’t last forever, or you may have just been sold a dud
  3. Using too much force: you should never try to force something when it comes to plumbing, but especially when it comes to augering your tub extra force can cause the drain snake to double-back on itsel
  4. Really big blockage: a drain snake is not a one-size fits all solution, and it not being able to go down the drain can mean the issue lies with the clog not the snake

Be Careful

A caveat to all the above is to proceed with caution, check the stopper mechanism, and call a plumber when you’re unsure. Even if you have DIY experience, the right kind of plumber can bring decades of past proven knowledge to help out.

If you live on Oahu and want the right kind of plumber, call (808) 691-9309 to get in touch with EPS Hawaii, or, if you live on the Big Island, call (808) 400-8811.


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