Why There’s a Sulfur Smell Coming From Your Drain

If a surprise stench is making you crinkle your nose somewhere in your kitchen or any other room with a faucet, then you may be searching for answers. There are multiple possible reasons for why a sulfur-like smell could be coming from your drain. Thankfully once the cause has been identified, it’s possible to find a solution.

Why There's a Sulfur Smell Coming From Your Drain

Your bad smell could be a result of…

The Water Itself

Don’t count out the possibility that the odor issue may be coming from your water source, whether it’s from a well or your municipality. You can draw some water out into a cup and conduct a smell test away from the drain. If you suspect the water, you should call your water provider and also check with local government for any notices or warnings.

Decaying Matter in Your Garbage Disposal

If the stench really is coming from your drain, then it still might not be coming from deep down in the pipes. Your kitchen sink’s garbage disposal can trap food particles and oils. The best fix is to remove and clean the disposal completely. Depending on the complexity of your sink, you can attempt to try this yourself or call one of our expert plumbers. 

A Clog in the Piping

The smell may be a result of something lodged before the p-trap or a failure of your venting system. You could try augering; that’s when you take a drain auger (or plumbing snake) and feed it into your pipes to remove a blockage. The size of the auger needed depends on the size of your sink. If that doesn’t resolve the clog or fix the issue, then it’s definitely time to call a professional.

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