What You Need To Know When Your Hire A Plumber

We don’t need to call our local plumber very often, so when we do it can be, well, a learning experience. Today, we are going to take a look at a few things that you should know about the experience, and what to expect when hiring a plumber.

Getting Dirty

Your pipes are going to be dirty. Everyone has dirty pipes. Watching your local plumber snake a drain or pull your pipes apart may actually disgust you. There are a lot of gross things that go down our drains; there is nothing glamorous about having your blocked drains cleaned. The other thing to remember is that your plumber is only going to clean up the mess that they have made, not overflowed sewage that you have left on your floor. Don’t expect your plumber to scrub your bathroom spotless, or even at all. Their job is to fix your plumbing, not clean your house.

Calling Late Is OK

Most plumbing companies understand that when you need them, it usually comes at an inconvenient or unexpected time. You can’t predict when a toilet is going to overflow, or when a pipe is going to burst; all you know when something like that happens is that you need help, and need it in a hurry. Companies like EPS, offer 24 hour a day emergency plumbing services in Honolulu. Plumbing can be unpredictable and we understand that. Call us day or night for service!


When your plumber arrives to take care of the problem, you can choose to play watch dog and supervise the entire repair, or feel free to carry on with your day or evening as you normally would. Many people feel the need to micro-manage or hang over the head of the plumber while he/she works. That is not necessary, they know what they are doing and you standing over them isn’t going to speed up the process or change the quality of the work. Most plumbers could care less whether you want to stay or go while they do their job.

Be Proactive

If you see a small leak in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, etc., don’t wait for it to escalate. Instead, call a plumber immediately before the issue becomes catastrophic. That little leak in your sink could eventually corrode your flooring and the ceiling of the room below. Built up pressure from a leak can also cause pipes to burst, causing flooding in your home. Protect your home from plumbing problems by taking care of them early. Being proactive also means knowing where the shut off valve to your water source is in your home. Knowing this will allow you to reduce the amount of water springing out of pipes if there ever is a plumbing emergency.

Whether you have a plumbing emergency or are being proactive about a small plumbing problem, EPS of Honolulu is on call to help 24 hours a day!



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