The Escape Of The Hair

Your bathroom sink has stop draining properly. Every time you brush your teeth or wash your face you are left with a ring in the sink. Why? The water isn’t draining quickly and the product that you are using is leaving residue on the sides of the sink. You don’t understand why the drain won’t, well drain. After a few weeks you are fed up and call your Top Rated Local® plumbing company of Honolulu, ESP. You have used them before and know them to offer exceptional service, experienced technicians, and affordable prices.

The Appointment

The tech shows up to snake your bathroom sink, you know who the culprit of this issue is: Hair.

You and your hair have a love/hate relationship. You love your long luscious locks, but your drain does not. Your hair always seems to find a way into your drain, despite how hard you try to stop it. It slithers down the drain and balls up causing a blockage. This blockage then makes your drain suck in water ever so slowly leaving that dreaded ring in the sink. Luckily, you know that this will be a quick and inexpensive fix for your wild hair. Sure enough the technician removes the hair clumps from your drain. Your water can once again drain freely. You thank the tech for his help and get back to your day within the hour.

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