Plumbing 101: The Quick Fix

Sometimes, disaster strikes at 2am. Or on Christmas Day. Or just after your landlord goes on vacation. But not to worry! We have the quick and easy fixes for common plumbing problems that can save you in a pinch! Whether your problem is leakage, cracked porcelain or no hot water – EPS has got you covered.

Plumbing 101: The Quick Fix

Pipe Problems

There are a couple different types of pipes that are used in the home – but more on that later. If your pipe is leaking – the first step is to turn off your water. Toilets and sinks have a small knob near the floor that you can turn to turn off the water supply. Showers generally will have an access panel you can locate that will allow you to shut off the flow.

Once you turn off the water, make sure to test it before moving forward with your repairs. The next step is determining your pipe type.

  1. For PVC or copper pipes, you’ll need to buy a pipe clamp to control the leak. 
  2. For Iron pipes, you’ll want to use epoxy – spreading it over the leak generously. 

Either way – these are called quick fixes for a reason. If you’re on Oahu or the Big Island, give EPS a call and one of our plumbing experts will replace your pipe fast!

Cracked Porcelain

One of the next most common problems occurs when your shower, bathtub, sink or toilet cracks. Whether you are losing water or not – it is a good idea to close it up. Grab some plumbers putty and slather that crack from top to bottom. (Again! This is a temporary fix, you will need to eventually replace the porcelain to prevent water damage!)

Hot Water Issues

Ok so maybe you weren’t *planning* on an icy shower this morning – but it was kind of invigorating no?

Either way, hot water is an essential part of modern living and we will get your water heater functioning ASAP! The most common cause of a lack of hot water is a buildup of sediment in your water heater. Follow these steps to flush that bad boy out!

  1. Turn off your hot water heater. 
  2. Drain it by running hot water (or not so hot water in your case) in your shower or sink for about 5 minutes. 
  3. Shut off the water supply lever at the top of the appliance. 
  4. Grab a hose and attach it to the spigot near the bottom of your water heater and snake it out the window or down a drain. 
  5. Release the water supply lever and watch as your buildup flows out. Once the water looks clear, turn off the lever and remove the hose.

We hope that these quick fixes saved you in a pinch but for lasting restoration, call our expert plumbers at (808) 691-9309 Oahu, (808) 400-8811 Hawaii Island to get in touch with EPS Hawaii on Oahu or, if you live on the Big Island, call (808) 400-8811.


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