Toilet Talk, Part 1: The Basics of Toilets

Unless you have a farm outhouse, your home cannot function without a working toilet. But keep your toilet in good order, you must understand how it works. Here are the basics of traditional, gravity-flush toilets, how they work, and how you can keep your porcelain…

What’s Lurking in Your Drain

At Emergency Plumbing and Solar on Oahu, we’ve seen every type of clogged drain there is, and we have the tools to bring those clogs to a swift end. The reason we can unclog drains so effectively comes from our knowledge of how (and more…

Signs of Trouble With Your Water Heater

A water heater isn’t typically a concern until it suddenly fails, leaving you in a cold shower. Water heaters are one of those home appliances that often go unnoticed until something goes wrong. A small issue can quickly escalate, turning a minor inconvenience into a…

Detecting Sewage Issues

While none of us want to think about sewage, the reality is that most homeowners will deal with a sewage issue on their property or in their home at least once over the course of ownership. In our previous blog we mentioned some simple tips…

Sewage Disaster Prevention

Nobody really wants to think about sewage, and most of us never do until it invades our space. Considering your sewage prior to this point can save your household a considerable amount of stress and money if an issue with this system can be avoided….


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