Keeping An Eye On Your Plumbing

Protecting Your Home

Keeping your home protected can mean a lot of different things. It can mean installing a home security system, installing new windows and doors, and taking care of other regular maintenance concerns such as plumbing. Plumbing isn’t necessarily something that is constantly crossing our mind, until something goes wrong. I mean you really only think to call a plumber when it is too late and you are already in crisis mode because your water heater is flooding your basement, or there is sewage coming up your shower drain. At ESP Plumbing of Honolulu, we offer emergency services so if this does happen to you, we can be there day or night to remedy the issue. While we do offer emergency plumbing services to all of Honolulu for your convenience, if you consistently do a home plumbing check around your home, these costly nights of panic can become a thing of the past.

Routinely Check

Performing a routine check of the main water sources in your home will allow you to hopefully catch problems early and get them fixed. Here are some precautions to practice to catch leaks and other plumbing issues early.

  • Check for dripping faucets.
  • Check your flooring around any water operated appliances for cracks or erosion of the floor.
  • Look for stains on walls or ceilings.
  • Be aware of any musty smells .
  • If you have a crawl space, check it for moisture.
  • Make sure that your sump pump is operating properly.
  • Take a close look at you water bill, and make sure that you feel like your usage and the bill match.


If you find any of these issues in your home, contact the plumbing experts of Honolulu! We are happy to take care of all of your emergency and non-emergency plumbing needs at your Honolulu home!



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