How Upgrading to High-Efficiency Fixtures Can Save You Money

These days many of us strive to reduce our water usage and waste. Doing so offers countless benefits from saving money to saving time. By reducing the amount of water being used, we directly reduce the money being spent. You also protect the community’s water supply. And in addition, you will save energy. What more can be said? High-efficiency fixtures are the wave of the future for savvy homeowners!

Avoiding Water Waste

Let’s begin with the negatives. Most homes today waste more water than they think. For instance:

· Allowing the tap to run for long periods can waste up to 45 liters of water. Turn off the water while brushing, and do not rinse dishes under a running faucet.
· An old toilet may use 20 liters per flush, while a leaking toilet wastes up to 40 liters every hour.
· Sprinkler systems can use 950 liters of water, over 60% of which will evaporate in the warmest times of the day.

How High-Efficiency Helps

High-efficiency plumbing fixtures are not new inventions. In fact, many such fixtures have been on the market for decades, and were designed to save water without sacrificing performance. Today’s high-efficiency fixtures are typically 20% more water-efficient than their older counterparts.

  • Toilets – Toilets account for one-third of our total water consumption. Low-flow uses less water, while dual-flow lets you choose, depending on the type of waste.
  • Shower heads – High-efficiency models use 18 times less water than non-high-efficiency shower heads.
  • Faucets – Install a high-efficiency model or add a flow restrictor to an existing faucet to reduce water waste in the bathroom or kitchen.

If you’re unsure of which high-efficiency model to select, consult a professional plumber with experience.

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