Giving Your Garden A Drink

Summer is here and it is time to get your garden in full swing. You head to the nearest nursery, and fill your cart with flowers galore. You want to brighten up the yard and porch with an array of greenery and blooms. You are also planting a vegetable garden this year. You have recently found interest in sustainable living and are excited to grow your own herbs, and a few of your own veggies. You spend all day in the mud, planting an abundance of flowers, seeds, and herbs. You are determined and ready for agricultural success.

Once you are done planting, you head for the hose to give your new garden a drink and rinse the dirt from your knees. You turn on the spigot but nothing happens. You head downstairs to check the valve. You find that water is flowing freely in your basement. Shoot! You forgot to unplug the hose last winter and the pipe leading to your water spigot has burst.

You Can Count On ESP

Not to panic, you know that the experts at your Top Rated Local® plumbing company, ESP, will be able to help. You start to have your doubts because it is five o’clock on a Saturday evening. You are not sure if they will be open, and you definitely need assistance now. You call them up and sure enough they answer. The representative on the phone informs you that ESP is an emergency plumbing company, and that they are happy to serve any Honolulu customer 24/7. They let you know that they will send a plumber to your home in Honolulu as soon as possible to resolve the emergency.

For 24/7 emergency plumbing services that you can count on, contact the plumbing experts at ESP in Honolulu!



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