Don’t Ignore These 6 Signs of a Problem With Your Sewer Line

The sewer line is out of sight, but it shouldn’t be out of mind for homeowners. If you’re not familiar with the sewer line, it’s the pipe that transports all your home’s wastewater (anything that goes down a drain) to the municipal sewer main that runs underneath your street.

Sewer lines help our waste management systems run smoothly. That’s why it’s important to know when your sewer pipe needs service. There are some common ways to tell if you have a clog or leak in your sewer line – so you can take immediate action. If you encounter things like frequent clogging, foul smells, dirty water back-ups, you might have an issue with your sewer line.

Six common issues that indicate a problem with the sewer line

1. The plunger doesn’t work

Using a plunger usually does well to get rid of any occasional clogs in toilets and tubs. The need for constant plunging is a telltale sign that your sewage line should be inspected.

2. Smelly odors

Foul stenches in the home usually stem from small openings or cracks in your drains. Some describe it as a clammy or fishy smell.

3. Tree roots

Sometimes, getting to the “root” of your sewer line problems may require a quick look at that big tree in your yard. Tree roots, while not something most people think of, are known to damage pipes and drains. Interestingly enough, they don’t necessarily need to be within your property. Watch out for your next-door neighbor’s tree. Who knows – they might have a sewage problem too.

4. Moldy walls and ceilings

When a sewer pipe breaks, water and moisture can get trapped behind walls and ceilings. If ignored, this can quickly turn into mold.

5. Slow draining in multiple fixtures

If the water in your sink or bathroom drains slowly on occasion, it might be a simple clog and isolated incident. However, if multiple fixtures around your house seem to be affected at the same time, that’s a sign there’s an issue further down the drainage system – like the sewer line.

6. Dirty water backing up from drains

Muddy, murky water is another sign that your sewage line is in trouble. The dirt or sediment that you’ll see in your toilet or sink could result from a backed-up sewer line and not the plumbing within the home.

Call a plumber to fix your sewer line

Repairing or replacing a sewer line is not a smart DIY project. Since the pipe is buried below ground, special equipment is needed to access the sewer line to locate and fix the problem.

If you’re experiencing any of the warning signs listed above, contact the sewer line experts at Emergency Plumbing & Solar. We offer everything from sewer camera inspections to advanced repair and maintenance techniques. To schedule an appointment, send us a message or call us at (808) 691-9309.


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