Before Remodelling Consider Hidden Plumbing Expenses

Honolulu is consistently among the highest real estate costs in the country, and the homes are not often considered to have adequate “bang for your buck” at the time of purchase. It is very common for people here to renovate a home, often immediately upon purchase. This isn’t surprising, considering that when people are spending easily a million dollars for a home, they are very likely to want to “make it their own.” Before considering a home purchase contingent upon the renovation that will follow, it is best to consider what is already inside of the walls.

Most home renovations are focused on reworking, relocating, and even creating bathrooms and kitchens. Both of these rooms require plumbing, and the cost to relocate or run plumbing for these rooms can catch homeowners off guard if they are not prepared for the possibility of plumbing issues that will arise when planning a renovation in an older home.

Honolulu Homes Require Professional Plumbing

Many Honolulu homes are older, and have not been extensively renovated. These homes cost a substantial amount due to the desirable location, but often include plumbing that is ready to replace, not even relocate. We always advise asking a plumber to inspect the pipes within a home prior to purchase, even if you intend to renovate the home upon purchase.

When you are walking through a home that you intend to renovate, consider where you will want your appliances that rely upon water, and where the current lines are. For instance, if you intend to add a bathroom in the master bedroom, consider positioning the new bathroom on the opposite side of the wall from an existing restroom. Simple floor planning like this can save a huge amount of money by allowing the plumbers coming in to utilize the existing water supply instead of running an entirely new one through the home.

The same is true for natural gas. If you plan to relocate a kitchen, or install a natural gas line, it is always best to consult with a plumber prior to securing a home or renovation plan. It is crucial for health and code issues that you never attempt to run gas lines yourself, and always consult with a plumber during planning for any job that may require gas relocation.

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