5 Steps to Sanitizing after a Sewage Backup

A sewage backup is more than just a messy, smelly hassle. It can also be dangerous if you don’t take proper precautions while cleaning up the damage. As soon as you notice sewage coming into your home or up through the plumbing, jump into action to prevent further damage and keep your home safe.

I have a sewage backup – now what?

If your sewage has backed up into your home, the first thing you should do is remove any pets, children, seniors, and immunocompromised individuals from the house. They should not return to the home until the sewage is properly cleaned up.

When cleaning up after a sewage backup, you’ll need to remove or pump out the sewage, clean any items that contacted the sewage, thoroughly disinfect the area, and increase ventilation and airflow. Be sure to wear protective clothing such as a face mask, rubber waterproof boots, rubber gloves, and some form of eye protection (preferably safety goggles).

Keep the sewage backup from getting out of control by turning off the water to your home or avoid using water for the time being to prevent exposure to contamination. Keep the air moving in your home by opening any doors and windows, and contact your insurance company to let them know you had a backup so you can properly document the damage before starting the cleanup process.

How to clean your home after a sewage backup

To clean and disinfect the area:

  1. Drain the backed-up sewage and water using a pump or natural drain. You will likely need to contact your local authorities to be sure you’re draining the sewage into the proper place.
  2. Remove any items that have been in contact with the sewage. Clean and disinfect these items using bleach or a similar cleaning product.
  3. Use low-suds detergent and hot water (make sure your water is clean!) to wash the walls, floors, and other surfaces where the sewage might have reached. Rinse the areas with warm water after they have been thoroughly cleaned.
  4. Sanitize everything in the area.
  5. Keep any possible windows and doors open to air out the room as long as possible.

Professional cleaning and restoration

When it comes to sewage backups, it is often best to enlist a professional cleaning and restoration service. Usually, sewage damage requires cleaning products, equipment, and techniques beyond what most homeowners can do on their own. It’s also essential to address the root cause to prevent the sewage backup from returning in the future.

If you find yourself overwhelmed and unable to properly sanitize and clean the sewage backup, contact the experts at Emergency Plumbing & Solar. With “Emergency” in our name, you can trust that we deliver when it matters most. Call us right away at (808) 691-9309.


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