4 Common Reasons for a Slow-Flushing Toilet

The common reasons for a slow-flushing toilet include mild clogs, hard water, water tank settings, and improper ventilation. These causes can all be solved, but must first be identified, since their solutions differ greatly.

4 Common Reasons for a Slow-Flushing Toilet

Mild Clogs

We’re more familiar with larger clogs that get stuck in the pipes and cause toilets to back-up when flushing, but smaller clogs can also form. They are not always in the pipes of the toilet. Sometimes build-up on the end connecting to the sewer line can hamper flow. In those scenarios, it is best to call a professional plumber.

Hard Water

When certain minerals like calcium or magnesium carbonate are dissolved in water at a high enough concentration, it is classified as ‘hard water’. While hard water can be natural, it can also erode or cause buildups in your pipes. This could result in slower water flow everywhere in the house. A plumber should be called to test for and fix the entire water situation.

Water Tank Settings

If your water tank is not storing enough water before every flush, then that could be an easy fix. Take off the tank lid to see if the water level in it is no more than about half an inch lower than the overflow pipe. If it is any lower, then try adjusting the float arm that connects to the fill valve, so that it can reach a point where it is horizontal and the tank has enough water.

Improper Ventilation

Most people don’t realize that the sucking away of waste in a toilet not only depends on water, but also on air. Without the right air pressure imbalance and available air between your plumbing waste lines and bathroom, instead of flushing the toilet may gurgle. This could be solved by adjusting your ventilation, but a plumber ought to be consulted for such a complex situation.

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