3 Tips to Keep Your Plumbing System in Top Shape

We rarely consider our plumbing system unless something goes wrong. But if you just ignore the pipes, then something will absolutely go wrong, and happen soon enough. To avoid costly repairs, try to add the plumbing system to your property maintenance checklist each month. A little cleaning and occasional care from a pro works wonders. Here are three tips to keep your plumbing system in top shape!

Drain Cleaning

Over time, your plumbing system will accumulate dirt. If you have hard water, mineral buildup is common, too. Foreign objects being flushed down the drain are also problematic.

Schedule regular drain cleaning service with a professional plumber to ensure total efficiency. Regular cleaning prevents hair and grease buildup. There are do-it-yourself methods found online, but many fail to satisfy the problem. Some are actually dangerous to your pipes, too. You are better off scheduling professional drain cleaning service.

Flush the Water Heater

We often ignore the hot water heater because it’s installed in the basement or somewhere out of sight. To extend the lifespan of your hot water heater, flush the entire tank every few years. Many homeowners perform a complete flush every one to three years. Doing so helps the system run more efficiently.

Mineral buildup in the hot water heater tank lowers efficiency and takes up valuable space. When this happens, over time you’ll notice a reduction in readily available hot water.

Perform Repairs ASAP

If you notice a leak – telltale signs include damp spots – schedule repairs promptly. The longer you wait, the more damage to both your property and the plumbing system. Call a professional to repair or replace the leaking pipe altogether for best results.

Scheduling preventative maintenance can help reduce the need for costly repairs!

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