3 Steps to Remove Air From Your Pipes

Every so often, homeowners call us with complaints of loud banging or gurgling noises coming from their pipes. While these sounds can be scary and seem like serious issues, the cause is usually quite benign.

Most often, a loud sound coming from your pipes is caused by trapped air. By turning off your main water supply and running all faucets for 10-15 minutes, you force any trapped air through your water pipes.

Follow these three steps to remove air from your pipes

Let’s dive in a bit deeper to help you remove unnecessary air from pipes. Luckily, the fix for this is relatively simple and something most homeowners can easily do on their own.

  1. Turn off your main water supply. You should know where to locate the main water supply at all times to protect from major property damage. The main water supply can typically be found outside near your property line or indoors in the basement or near the foundation of your home. Once you find the main water supply, turn it completely off.
  2. Turn all faucets to the ‘on’ position. Once the water supply is off (you might want to double-check this), turn all the faucets in your home to the ‘on’ position. This will allow for any trapped air to flow through the water lines.
  3. Turn the water supply back on. With all faucets still ‘on’, turn the water supply back on and let your water run for 10-15 minutes. Be sure there is no spattering or noticeable signs of air in the lines before you turn the faucets off.

Causes of air in your pipes

While air in your pipes is usually a simple fix, it can be caused by a slew of more serious plumbing problems such as leaks in your water well, leaks in piping, faulty check valves, or an improperly functioning or underpowered well pump. If you’ve tried the above steps and still notice signs of air in your pipes, it’s probably time to call in the professionals for help.

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